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Welcome to your personalized home senior care assistance

Loving Support Services goes beyond the expected to get the love and support you deserve in the comfort of your home. We believe in giving quality senior care and working together to overcome barriers that may hinder you living in your own home. We offer senior care services that aim towards promoting independence and personal growth.


Our Services

   Personal  Support



   Run Errands

  Assistance with pets and plants

  Our Caregivers

    PSW registered

    Clear police record

    CPR certified

    Friendly, energetic, and patient

    Bonded and insured


    Based on your wishes

    Personally introduce Senior caregivers

    Loving and professional

    Screened and trained

    You decide if they fit

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Loving Support Blog

Check out our Loving Support topics that provide insight into healthy senior care living. We have articles posted every month to keep you informed.

March – Fall Prevention Month

Dear Readers, March is officially fraud prevention month in Canada. As many may know a prime target for fraud happens to be the beloved senior community. Loving Support will give you many tips to prevent fraud from occurring to you or your loved one. Major don’ts Don’t be afraid to hang up the phone or […]


Fall Prevention

Every year thousands of seniors fall, more times than not, the fall happens in a home setting. There are many cases where people are stuck for hours or days because they have fallen and cannot get up. Let’s all make changes in our homes to prevent falls, to protect you, the people who live with […]


Jan 2017 – Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! It’s 2017! A new year, a new you. Many of us make New Year resolutions every year, some of us make the same ones every year. Let’s make this the last year we make this same resolutions. Loving Support is going to give you tips to sticking to your new year’s resolutions. […]


The Facts about Baby Boomers

When people hear the term baby boomer, some people automatically think of seniors, or the health care issue. Which are both true seeing as the first set of the baby boomers turned 65 in 2011. But there are more facts about this generation. More babies were born in 1946 than any prior year. This trend […]


Travelling Tips

It’s almost the holiday season. YAY! For some people, it means vacation and holiday planning. Loving Support would love to share some travelling tips. Planning is important when going on a trip. There are different planning questions to answer, whether you are travelling within the same city or half way across the world. Such as: […]


The Importance of A Good Night’s Rest

The secret to better physical and mental health…SLEEP! Loving Support knows that sleep is not usually the first thing that comes to people’s mind but the importance of sleep is incredibly imperative. Sleep has a big impact on our overall health and well-being whether you’re a child, teenager, adult or senior. Many individuals tend to […]


September-The Power of the Grandparent Grandchild Bond

The Power of the Grandparent Grandchild Bond Grandparents are important to a grandchild’s development but did you know the reverse is true. As much as grandkids benefit from having grandkids around in their lives, grandparents also benefit of having their grandkids in their lives. Let Loving Support tell you why. Grandchildren learn many things that […]


August – Keeping Social as we age

Keeping Social As We Age Humans are naturally social beings. Without social interactions humans will feel isolated. Social isolation carries a high risk for loneliness, depression, very little or no physically activity with a greater risk of high blood pressure. There are many benefits to being social at any age of our lives. Social interactions […]


July – Summer is here

Summer is Here It’s summer! A great deal of us loves summer. Some countdown until summer and others escape to a warmer country in the cooler months. We all love summer for different reasons, whether it’s the nice weather, the summer activities or hobbies, going to the beach, the in-season variety of fruit or summer […]


June – Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse What is Elder Abuse Elder abuse is the intentional act or failure to act that creates risk or harm to an elder breaking the relationship that involves an expectation of trust. There are five main types of elder abuse. Physical Abuse: Non-accidental injuries that come from a caregiver, whether it was intentional or […]


Find Us

We are a dedicated senior care team, catering to our community. Helping individuals improve their health and gain their independence.


See what others have to say about Loving Support Services’s senior care and our continued support from the community for our elderly, disabled and accessbility impaired individuals
I am a senior lady who likes to garden.  Some year ago I started having problems with my back as part of aging and could no longer “play” in my garden. I discovered Loving Support Services Ontario a wonderful organization who is so kind and caring came to my rescue.  Thanks to them I am still able to have great joy in my flowers. I keep in contact with them, sometimes just to talking.  Try it!! Norma Townsend

My mother is 97 years old, Italian, and stubborn.  Loving Support Services has been there for me since I signed up with them two years ago.
Loving Support Services was able to find caregivers for my mother which spoke her language and knew the Italian culture.  This made my mother feel very comfortable.  My mother finally agreed to accept the help that she needed on a daily basis to make her remaining years as comfortable as possible.  The caregivers keep the home clean and tidy, cook fresh meals for her, bathe her, and, most importantly, provide companionship.  Thanks for all the loving care you have given my mother.
Rosa M
Loving Support Services was very supportive of me when I needed help and guidance with taking care of a neighbour and friend who needed my help after her husband went into hospital and later passed away. She needed help in so many different areas and she could not be left alone.  Dianne was there and helped me a great deal. Thank You! Rose Langille
I was happy with your home care services you provided to my father last December. You went out of your way to ensure that the assigned PSW arrived on time and was well informed of the specific care needs.  It was a pleasure to work with you.Anna Dello-strito

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