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July – Summer is here

Summer is Here

It’s summer! A great deal of us loves summer. Some countdown until summer and others escape to a warmer country in the cooler months. We all love summer for different reasons, whether it’s the nice weather, the summer activities or hobbies, going to the beach, the in-season variety of fruit or summer fashion. One thing is for sure keeping safe this summer is very important. Yes, Loving Support knows we’re not your parents but we care for you too.

Sun and Heat Safety
Sun exposure is great when it comes to keeping you warm and getting your top source of vitamin D but there are harmful effects of extreme heat including heat exhaustion, heat stroke, sun burns and skin cancer.

The sun’s light has ultraviolet (UV) rays which is very dangerous when we are exposed to the UV rays without protection. It can cause skin and eye damage as well as skin cancer. How do we reduce our risks? Covering up is a good way with not see through clothing. Other ways consists of wearing sunscreen continuously and wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Avoiding heat related symptoms is key during the summer months. Try and stay cool this summer because it’s one of the best ways to be sun safe this summer. Keep hydrated by drinking lots of water, stay in shady areas when possible, and reduce sun time during sun peak hours 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

More information regarding getting ready for summer tips are available at

Summer Activities and Events
A lot of people look forward to being adventurous during the summer. Find things to do and places to stay in Ontario at If you are a festival and event person check out

Remember have fun, be smart, and stay safe this summer. Next month Loving Support will inform you the benefits of being social and tips on how to stay social.

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