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September-The Power of the Grandparent Grandchild Bond

The Power of the Grandparent Grandchild Bond

Grandparents are important to a grandchild’s development but did you know the reverse is true. As much as grandkids benefit from having grandkids around in their lives, grandparents also benefit of having their grandkids in their lives. Let Loving Support tell you why.

Grandchildren learn many things that their parents may not be able to teach. They can teach history as well as their family histories. Kids may not enjoy learning from textbooks but learning it from their grandparents can add a more interesting twist. Grandparents also provide a different emotional support. Grandkids could have someone trusted besides their parents. They can teach long life lessons which they have lived to improve the grandchild’s life, behaviour or attitudes towards situations.

Meanwhile grandchildren give their grandparents patience, provide current events, and teach carefree fun. Kids are full with unconditional love and when you feel like you don’t need it or deserve it they will give love regardless.

Here are some activities you can enjoy with grandkids:

  • Nature walks
  • You can experience the outdoors with gardening
  • Bird or duckwatching
  • Go out and have a movie day, which can be perfect for rainy days. As a bonus movie tickets are usually discounted for kids and older adults.
  • You can teach one of your hobbiessuch as cooking and baking
  • Take your grandkids to the playground. You can join them or watch them play with other children.

Even with all the benefits with grandchildren being a bundle of joy, they can be a physical strain. For some grandparents spending time with grandchildren may prove challenging. That doesn’t have to be the case. You don’t have to be active to have fun. With the right activities, you can enjoy the company of your grandkids.

  • Activities that requires less physical strength:
  • Arts & Crafts can be fun, along with drawing and colouring
  • Puzzles & Games is a great way to enjoy a little friendly competition
  • Reading classical children books and taking a trip to the library
  • Kids love technology, so look up a few educational apps that you can explore with your grandkids.

Check out this site for more fun activitiesto enjoy with grandkids and more grandparent tips.

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