Travelling Tips

It’s almost the holiday season. YAY! For some people, it means vacation and holiday planning. Loving Support would love to share some travelling tips.

Planning is important when going on a trip. There are different planning questions to answer, whether you are travelling within the same city or half way across the world. Such as: where am I going? How long am I going for? Where am I staying? How am I going to get there? Am I going alone or with others?

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Research and planning ahead is key. This includes reserving and confirming flight and hotels before leaving home; the sooner the better.
  • Almost all airlines allow a carry-on bag. Use it to your advantage and carry small items that are delicate and an extra shirt and pants just in case of long delays or missing luggage. It is a good idea to pack your electronics (phone, MP3/ Ipod, laptops), headphones, medications, lotion (consider the liquid and gel limits allowed on planes), toothbrush (in case of long delays), and an extra pair of underwear.
  • Travel with travel insurance is a smart plan. You never know what will happen, it’s better and less stressful to be prepared. Ensure you have your insurance documentation and the toll free number of the insurance company handy before you leave.
  • To go to your doctor and/or travel clinic to ensure your shots are up-to-date. They say prevention is better than the cure.
  • Prepare your documents. This means have your passport ready and up-to-date before it’s time to travel. Other forms of identification include your Driver licence or Ontario photo card.
  • For some medications it may be important to have the prescription or some form of proof stating medication is yours and prescribed by your doctor. This can make any border stops or searches more efficient.

Travelling tips for seniors

The tips above are for everyone but here are a few that are more senior specific.

  • If you’re a senior that require special accommodations at the airport, reserve special services if needed ahead of time (examples include wheelchairs and dietary needs). Accommodations don’t just stop at the airlines, you can also ask hotels and excursions about special accommodations before you book the room and/ or excursions.
  • Travel insurance is important especially as we age.
  • There are plenty of senior discounts out there even in other countries; always ask, you never know.
  • Request and reserve- If you need a designated seat it’s always better to request this and/or reserve it ahead of time to avoid time delay and disappointment.
  • Pack what you need and try not to over pack. Remember you may need room to bring gifts and souvenirs back. Plus, it’s easier to carry a lighter load across the airport and hotels.
  • Always be safe. When traveling you should avoid carrying large purses and have money and other belonging tucked away. This will make you not look like a visual pray for thieves.
  • Dressing comfortable is important when traveling because you never know how long you trip may be there could be a delay that may cost you time.

Check out for a two-minute medley on senior travel tips.

Remember the success of a travelling experience is planning and preparing ahead of time and having fun. Don’t forget to tune in next month to read next month’s topic. If you have a suggested topic in mind that you would like to see Loving Support write about feel free to comment below

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